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Postgraduate Unit at the Faculty

  The Postgraduate Studies Unit is an administrative unit that manages students affairs of  postgraduate / master’s and doctorate studies for the departments of our faculty (Arabic / Chemistry / Biology / Geography / Physics / Mathematics / History and Physical Education) through the submission for the postgraduate studies and checking the files of applicants and ending with the secretion of results and sending them to the presidency of the University of Kufa / postgraduate studies to issue university orders. In addition, the Postgraduate Studies Unit grants university documents and translated transcripts to holders of master’s and doctorate degrees and to issue discussion orders for thesis, and the number of employees in the postgraduate unit is five employees with a bachelor’s degree in English language, computer and business administration

The Opening Date of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Education for Girls

  The postgraduate studies were opened at the Faculty of Education for Girls / University of Kufa for Doctoral and Master’s Studies in Arabic Language Department in the 1992-1993 academic year. In the academic year 1993-1994, a postgraduate / master’s degree in Chemistry and Biology were opened. In 1999-2000, Doctoral degree was opened in Biology  Department, and in 2001-2002 it also opened a postgraduate / master’s degree in geography and physics. In the 2002-2003 academic year, a postgraduate / master’s degree was opened in Mathematics Department. In the academic year 2008/2009, opening postgraduate / master’s degree in History Department, in 2011/2012 was opened Master’s degree in the Department of Physical Education.
Competitive exam subjects for postgraduate students for the academic year (2018-2019)