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Daily Archives: November 30, 2022

Joint patent

     Prof. Dr. (Saad Aziz Heswa), a member of the teaching staff in the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty  of Education for Girls / University of Kufa, obtained a joint patent with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the General Company for Southern Cement and the University of …

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Scientific symposium on smoking

   The Department of Life Sciences at the  Faculty of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a scientific symposium entitled (Smoking .. Multiple means .. Fatal damage) The symposium, which was held under the slogan (Smoking is a scourge that eats away at the body of society), …

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Ceremony to honor the first female students

The Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences at the  Faculty of Education for Girls organized a ceremony to honor the top female students in the department for all stages and for the morning and evening studies for the academic year 2021/2022. The ceremony began with reading verses from the Holy …

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Akila Festival

The Department of Computers at the College of Education for Girls held (Al-Aqila Festival) in honor of the birth of Mrs. (Zainab bint Ali bin Abi Talib), peace be upon them. The ceremony began with verses from the Holy Quran, listening to the Iraqi national anthem, and reading Surat Al-Fatihah …

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