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Research team publishes scientific research

A research team from the College of Education for Girls that included Assistant Professor Dr. Fatima Abdel Wanas Al-Gharabi and Professor Dr. Nagham Mahmoud Al-Jamali from the Department of Chemistry published a joint scientific paper on (Preparation of new formazin and lycand reagents (spectroscopy, microscopy, chromatographic separation) in La Prinsa …

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The Deanship of the College of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa announces that the door for applications and registration in the evening study will continue for third-round graduates to complete the admission plan in the evening classes. For the branches (applied biological and literary) and for the …

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New scientific publication

The College of Education for Girls has registered a new scientific publication by Professor Dr. Adnan Abd Al-Talak Al-Khafaji, a faculty member in the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences, entitled (Manual of Field Practical Education for Education Faculties) on the Noor Foundation for Publishing in the Latvian capital, Riga. …

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