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Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The Department Vision:
  The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science aims at preparing an aware and distinctive generation of students who are capable of raising scientific, social and human knowledge in all fields of life and promoting it through preparing specialist human staffs able to serve the society and taking care of the individual health and acquiring students knowledge in all the fields of sport education.
The Department Mission:
   Qualifying students academically, socially, morally and educationally to lead the society, develop it, transform knowledge and modern technology in all fields of physical education, provide knowledge resources and research capacities and training to develop the department outputs and serve the society. This is based on some essentials:
1- Scientific Research: encouraging the teaching staff and students in the department to take care of research as a remarkable style in developing all skills by getting results and actual bases through practical and theoretical applications and participating in debates and scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq in all scientific and sport fields.
2- The Educational Process: providing all the teaching capacities represented by the teaching halls and modern overheads, as well as holding developing courses in the fields of sport judging and training to develop the thinking, physical, planning and skill levels for students.
3- Serving Society: strengthen the relationships between youths and sport institutions to get benefit of their specializations through presenting skills, courses, and holding seminars and scientific lectures inside and outside the department.
The Department Aims:
1- Developing knowledge in all fields of physical education and making applied researches.
2- Transforming knowledge by presenting lectures and holding conferences and scientific seminars.
3- Spreading knowledge in all fields of physical education and working for its application to serve the society.
4- Qualifying specialist people in physical education to provide primary and high schools in the governorate with a specialist staff.
A Brief about the department:
  The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science was established in 2001-2002 and the department started since its foundation with putting the good scientific bases and taking care of the general health and physical fitness for the sport individual. The department has taken into consideration formulating educational, sport and entertaining programs in accordance with developed teaching syllabus coping with the technological sciences in the field of physical education and serving in the preparation of graduates who are qualified to work in the academic and educational field and in the field of sport, youths and institutions.

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