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Department of Computer

 The Department Vision:
     Computer Department aims at achieving priority and creativity in computer sciences and their different applications through what it has of academic programs and advanced scientific experiences. The scientific development in the computer technology is considered as an important indicator in the development of society and coping with the quick digital revolution in progress.
The Department Mission:
    Presenting scientific, educational, searching and consultative services in the light of the local society and international needs, and developing knowledge asset in the field of scientific research.
The Department Aims:
      The department aims at preparing computer teachers ready to teach in secondary schools and able to complete their higher studies through the following aims:
1-To bring students up on loving Allah and homeland and to interact with what good citizenship imposes.
2- To provide information in computer sciences to cover what is taught in intermediate and preparatory schools.
3- To provide information about programming what the school administration needs concerning teaching lessons distribution, recording students’ marks and organizing records by the computer.
4-To provide students with information which may help other teachers(in schools) in presenting their lessons and students in better understanding of what is taught.
5- To provide information helping in preparing computer labs within technical qualities for the chosen computers in schools.
6-To provide students with information helping them to cope with the ongoing development and to complete their higher studies in any of the fields of the computers.
7- To be able of encouraging the positive interaction with students with the latest directions in computer sciences, and of the educational positive interaction with students which is characterized with his affinity with other teachers and the school administration.
Brief about the Department:
    The Computer Department was established in 2002 to be an active department taking part, like the other departments in the faculty, in supplying the scientific movement of society with what the department presents of young powers in the field of technological technical development. This is done to contribute in providing the ministry of education with teachers of computer which has become necessary in all learning levels. The department has been limited since its establishment to morning studies for girls only, and in 2007 the evening studies was started to include both boys and girls and it still exists till now. The number of graduates is about 2000 students(males and females) since its establishment. The period of study in the department is four years and the graduate is given afterwards a B.A. certificate in computer sciences with the occupational  title programmer assistant.

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