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Department of Mathematics

The Department Vision:

    The department aims at providing the society with qualified teachers who are capable of teaching mathematics  and conveying it to students clearly and easily by clarifying the beauty and importance of mathematics as a science which the society needs.

The Department Mission:

    The main factors of the mathematics department message in the college of education for girls include achieving the department aims through the following main tasks:

1-The educational process: providing a good educational environment for students, arming them with sciences to develop their intellectual levels and abilities and looking for the special potentials which students have and supporting them.

 2-The scientific research: activating the scientific research through the participation of the teaching staff and students in preparing seminars, mathematics researches and spreading knowledge.

 3- Keep up with the development: active participation in local, regional and international conferences and in developing courses inside and outside the country to raise the efficiency of teachers.

 The Department Aims:

 1- Improving student’s ability on abstract thinking based on scientific essentials( analysis and conclusion).

 2-Widening student’s realizations and urging him to objective thinking to solve any problem he faces in his scientific life and even his social life because mathematics always takes care of discussing all possibilities to solve any problem.

 3- Teaching students some applications of mathematics and its relation to other sciences because mathematics is the queen of sciences and their servant.

 4- Increasing student’s love  for mathematics by clarifying its aesthetic aspects and its strong relation with other sciences and what the Arabic, Islamic and universal heritage has of interests in the mathematics sciences.

 5- Providing students with information making him capable of covering the subjects taught in intermediate and preparatory schools and facing any problems and renewals that may take place to cope with the development in the world.

 6- providing students with a strong basis making them able to complete their studies and cope with the new trends in mathematics.

 7- Encouraging students to interact positively with the scientific material..

 A Brief about the department

    The department was established in 1989 with a simple  teaching staff which has begun to increase in the number of its students and teachers. In 1990s the department started evening studies, then in 2002, higher studies started in the department. A large number of students have graduated from the department with the B.A. degree since 1994 and till now so as to provide the schools of the governorate and other governorates with mathematics teachers. Since 2004, the department has started graduating M.A. students. The department has interest in researches in the different fields of mathematics.

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