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Department of Physics

The Department Mission:
    The department is meant to be a dependable center for education and research, and pioneering in all the fields of physics. It aims at being distinguished in education, scientific research, society service, and presenting studies within the needs of the society in the field of first and higher studies.
The Department Mission:
     The message of the department includes developing and transforming knowledge and technology in all fields of physics, providing the knowledge resources and capacities of research and training to develop the outputs of the department, and serving the society through graduating secondary school teachers in physics, as well as graduating professors in universities and different educational, and research institutions by graduating M.A. students.
The Department Aims:
     The department aims at preparing physics teachers ready to teach in secondary schools and have the following features:
1- To be scientifically capable in the sciences of physics, efficient, creative, armed with knowledge and science.
2- Capable of getting knowledge to the receiver correctly following the suitable teaching methods.
3- Using modern educational technologies and capable of making scientific and drawing figures and graphs related to physics.
4- Being faithful of scientific development and change and encouraging the spirit of scientific research and creativity.
5- Capable of building a generation armed with science and knowledge which will take part in achieving the national developmental plan.
6- Being capable of creating an environmental awareness for his students to keep the environment from pollution.
7- He has to deepen the  national spirit for his students  and in the field of his work.
8- He has to prepare his students for higher studies.
Brief about the Department:
   The department was established in 1991-1992, and the study started in this department in the academic year 1992-1993. It is concerned with preparing staffs qualified scientifically and educationally to undertake the task of taeching physics. It also cares of doing researches related to industry, environment, watching pollution and taking part in solving society problems. The department awards the B.A. and M.A. certificates and has 19 teachers.

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