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Department of Psychological and Educational Sciences

 The Department vision:
    The Department of Educational and psychological sciences seeks to be distinctive locally and regionally in the psychological and educational programs, mechanisms of the learning and teaching and scientific research in the field of educational and psychological sciences by seeking to achieve university objectives consistent with total quality standards.
The Department Mission:
     The mission of the department is to contribute effectively in meeting the needs of society locally and regionally, and spread the psychological knowledge on the theoretical and practical level (field) in accordance with international standards and requirements of educational and social institutions, with full awareness of the problems of society and the ethics of career, and the message extends to include the contribution of staff members at the department like enriching the educational and psychological sciences by conducting scientific research, and the department supports service to the community through various services like educational and psychological consultancy, through seminars, courses, lectures and workshops for different categories of society keep up with the changes experienced by the educational and psychological Sciences.
The Department Aims:
   In line with the objectives of the University of Kufa, the Faculty of Education for Women , designed by the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences programs to contribute to achieving the following objectives:
First, the learning and teaching Level:
– Preparing and qualifying graduates in the field of educational and psychological sciences as teachers and Educational guides are capable to make desired change in society on one hand, and to meet the local and regional needs of labor market in public and private institutions.
– Developing the ability to link the theoretical framework and the applied framework in the professional practice of educational and psychological sciences on one hand, and the employment of modern technologies and keep up the developments in education in the educational process on the other hand.
– Work on the employment of educational programs and adoption of the comprehensive quality standards.
– Acquiring students positive attitudes towards teaching and guiding career .
– Developing students awareness to career ethics in careers of teaching and guiding.
Second, the level of scientific research:
– Proceeding theoretical and field research by faculty in the development of educational and psychological services to face the challenges of the Iraqi and Arab society.
– Acquiring students the scientific research skills in the field of educational and psychological sciences to study phenomena related to educational and psychological field to solve the problems of life and career attitude on one hand and to enable students to continue graduate from the other hand.
– Activating the role of the department as a research consultant in the field of educational and psychological sciences.
Third, the level of community service:
– Establishment of educational, psychological, social system links the university to the community that highlights the educational, psychological and social needs, and help to reduce the problems of situations for different segments of society, according to contemporary trends through seminars, courses, lectures and meetings.
– Contribute to raising the level of mental health for the various segments of the community through presenting services and guided and psychological consulting.
-Increasing awareness of the importance of educational and psychological sciences in the development of society and its development.
Brief about the department:
   The Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences founded in (2007-2008), the first batch has graduated in (2010-2011), the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences seeks to prepare numbers of educational cadres in order to promote the educational reality able to serve the community and give the student the knowledge in the fields of education and psychology. It also offers specialized programs in the fields of psychology. As well as service the university and the Faculty of Education by contributing to various programs and also service community by holding short courses, workshops, psychological, educational and social consulting and contribution in various media. The department also contributes in committees at the faculty, university and community. And contribute to the development of scientific research in and outside the university through the preparation of scientific research in the psychological, educational and social fields and the legalization of psychological and educational tests. In addition to participating in the development of curricula at the Ministry of Education and raising the level of teachers through rehabilitation educationally and scientifically.

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