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Department of Chemistry

The Department Vision:
   The department is meant to be a dependable center for education and research, and pioneering in all the fields of chemistry. It aims at developing and transforming knowledge and technology in all its fields and providing knowledge resources, research capacities and training to serve the society.
The Department Aims & Mission:
1-Developing knowledge in all the fields of chemistry through the use of applied researches.
2- Transforming the scientific knowledge to the society through presenting lectures and holding scientific seminars and conferences.
3- Distributing knowledge in all the fields of chemistry and applying it to serve the society.
4- Making the society aware of the widespread chemical and environmental dangers and how to get protected from them.
5- Preparing staffs of teachers qualified to teach chemistry in intermediate and preparatory schools.
6- Instilling values of the devotion and citizenship and other social virtues to avoid behaviors that do not serve education.
7- Build a scientific and educational character as teacher and student to positively influence and educational interaction with students.
A Brief about the Department:
   The department was established in 1987 when the faculty was founded, and it is one of the first and pioneering departments in the faculty. It graduates many students who have B.A. in science/ chemistry and who are qualified to teach in secondary schools. The department also started the M.A. studies in 1992-1993.

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