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Department of Geography

The Vision and Mission of the Department:
1- Preparing geographical and specialized staff capable of understanding the environmental problems.
2- Enabling students to know the nature of the geographical phenomenon as the spatial relations with other geographical phenomena.
3-Enabling students to understand natural and human material and to use it effectively.
4-Providing students with scientific skills in ways enabling them to draw, represent and read maps and air and space photographs and technicalities.
5- enlarging the geographical thinking of the students through understanding new changes in the political map and its relation to the Arab Homeland and our country.
The Department Aims:
1-Preparing staffs of teachers qualified to teach geography in intermediate and preparatory schools.
2- Making students qualified for teaching and enabling them to get promoted in the scientific and educational process in accordance with modern teaching methods in geography.
3- Providing students with the latest scientific development, coping with its progress concerning the relation between Geography and the other sciences, and making use of this relation in serving society and its development.
A Brief about the Department
    The Geography Department is considered as one of the most important departments in the college. It was established in 1987. It graduates many students who have B.A. in geography and who are qualified to teach in intermediate and preparatory schools. The department has also started the M.A. and Ph.D. studies and thus allows students to complete their higher studies in the department. The department is considered as one of the scientific departments which are listed within the scientific departments in the colleges of sciences in most of the universities around the world as in Bristol university. As a result, the department is aiming at (with the other departments of geography in other universities) making the correct and fair decision  for geographers to move their departments to the colleges of sciences like other departments of geography in the world as an appreciation to the efforts of geographers and their vital contributions through their researches which deal with many problems which Iraq suffers from whether they are natural or human.

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