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Department of History

 The Department Vision & Mission:
1-Deepen and widen the historical knowledge of students to prepare and qualify them to serve the society.
2-Enhancing the relations with the academic institutions and the scientific research centers inside and outside Iraq.
3-Taking into consideration quality criteria and academic reliance to develop the department and to promote the standard of scientific outputs.
4- Studying the past to know the present and anticipate the future.
5- Studying the national, Arabic and international history in all its levels through analysis and conclusion.
6- Contributing in the development of the field of historical studies and improving students’ skills in criticism and scientific analysis.
7-Interacting with other societies through the deep study of history.
The Department Aims:
1- Improving actual skills and abilities by training student and allowing him to practice the essentials of scientific research based on thinking, criticism and comparison. Besides, reading history with awareness affects his everyday life and behavior.
2- Widening the scope of the science of history and trying to understand change mechanisms.
3- Enhancing the originality of the national, Islamic and Arabic on all the levels.
4- Considering history as a device to achieve better understanding of modern relations between nations for the service of cooperation aims to achieve peace, freedom and development.
5- Graduating staffs of teachers qualified to teach history in secondary schools.
6- Presenting consultations, experiences, and participating in general activities for serving the society.
7- Qualifying the national elements scientifically.
8- Directing M.A. students to specialize in new subjects in writing their theses.
Brief about Department:
   The History Department in the Faculty of Education for Women was established in 2001-2002. The History Department started its academic role with a simple staff which got increased and developed day after day till it got to 19 academic lecturers in 2011-2012 who have M.A. and Ph.D. certificates and are of different scientific grades. With this expansion, M.A.studies started in modern history in 2008-2009. The department has an active role in participating in different scientific activities on the university  and society levels. The department contains a scientific library to provide B.A. and M.A. students with references.

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