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Doctoral thesis by researcher Nada Mohsen

    I researched a doctoral thesis at the Faculty  of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa (geographical analysis of livestock in Babylon Governorate and their development possibilities) by researcher Nada Mohsen Amin from the Department of Geography
The thesis aimed to analyze the impact of geographical factors (natural and human) and life on livestock in Babylon Governorate, directly and indirectly, and to diagnose the reality of livestock in the governorate through analyzing their numbers, types, characteristics, and spatial variation, as well as the importance of their products (meat and dairy) to the residents of the region.
The thesis proposed developing a strategic plan (counting and numbering) the animals as a basic database for collecting qualitative, reproductive, nutritional and production information for the animals, that is, conducting a comprehensive national survey at the level of Iraq, as was the case in 2008, with the necessity of applying pastoral laws to develop pastures as they are among the resources that feed the Qatari economy and preserve them. Environmental balance, soil protection, and pastoral load balance through the active participation of pastoral communities to develop pastures.

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