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    The Faculty  of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion entitled (Preparation and characterization of sodium alginate hydrogel doped with polyacrylic acid and its application for adsorption of violet crystal dye).
During which M. M. Shaima Hussein Ward, from the Department of Chemistry, dealt with the preparation of the aqueous gel (SA-g-PAAc) and its diagnosis using various spectroscopic techniques, the use of the prepared gel in the adsorption of pollutants (violet crystal dye) from its aqueous solutions, and the measurement of the adsorption capacity of the prepared gel for the dye .
It was concluded that the prepared gel showed high efficiency in the adsorption of the positive (CV) dye, and the equilibrium time for its adsorption process on the surface is (120 min), and that it decreases with increasing temperature as it is an exothermic process.
The study recommended further studies and tests on the surface of the gel and its use in adsorption processes for toxic pollutants, whether organic, inorganic or biological.

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