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Ninth Scientific Educational Conference

        The Faculty of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held (its ninth educational scientific conference) under the slogan “Countries are built and guarded, and advances in the upbringing and education of generations” and in cooperation with the Association of Educational Teachers in the province of Najaf, the General Directorate of Education of the province and the General Secretariat of the Great Mosque of Kufa.
And in the presence of the President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Yasser Lafta Hassoun, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, and a number of deans of colleges, academics, specialists, and those interested in educational affairs.
The conference aims to communicate between universities and civil society organizations, find solutions to some problems through solid scientific research, spread the culture of scientific research, see the latest findings of Iraqi universities in various scientific fields, and urge researchers holding master’s and doctoral degrees in other ministries to communicate with universities and publish Scientific research is concerned with its sobriety, in addition to presenting modern scientific ideas by researchers in various disciplines in different scientific forums for the purpose of benefiting from them and the solutions proposed in other ministries.
The number of research participating in the conference was 85, eighty-five, out of 96 ninety-six, which were discussed in eight research sessions distributed in the corridors and halls of the college, which included solid scientific research within the axes of all humanities and pure sciences, as the research was theoretical and applied involving high academic control after its passage A meticulous jury.
The conference concluded its work with meaningful scientific recommendations that include upgrading the scientific aspect and urging scientific institutions to support and encourage scientific research in all its fields.

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