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   The Department of Chemistry at the Faculty  of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a discussion about (the effect of different HF concentrations on the formation of porous silicon) for the assistant teacher (Nour Muhammad Kazem).
The aim of the workshop was to study the properties of porous silicon prepared using photoelectrochemical etching and electrochemical etching, the effect of hydrofluoric acid and ethanol on its properties, and a comparison study between the two types N, P of it.
It concluded that the acid concentration decreases when it is formed
The porous silicon layer is better as a result of the effect of scraping, and that the morphological properties are one of them related to the other, and the increase and decrease is due to their mathematical correlation, and other formation factors such as lighting and current density have an effect on the process of scraping the resulting Psi layer, where the absorption of light provides the electron-hole pairs necessary to start the chemical reaction between acid and radioactive region.
The researcher recommended to study the electrical properties of the resistance and calculate the electrical current for the dark areas and study the effect of the scraping time on the structural properties and find the electrical properties with the same effect with the study of the effect of optical density on the structural properties at low concentrations of type N silicon.


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