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Master thesis submitted by the student Ruqayyah Taleb

        A master’s thesis was researched in the Faculty  of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa (a study of the nuclear structure of some even-unpaired isotopes by applying the IBM model) submitted by the student (Ruqaya Talib Kazem Ali) from the Department of Physics.
The study aimed to apply the first model of interacting bosons and the second model of interacting bosons, on these isotones and compare them and study the energy levels of these isotopes and compare the theoretical results with the practical results available within the latest decay schemes that can be obtained and determine the values of the total angular momentum and symmetry to it.
The study concluded that the three pair-pair isotones (96Mo, 98Ru, and 100Pd) showed different behavior than expected, and that the first and second interacting bosons model was able to describe the energy levels with high accuracy, and the results were acceptable.
The researcher recommended a study of the multipolar electric and magnetic transitions of these nuclei and the study of multiple series of isotones to find out the extent of the change in the behavior of energy levels within different regions of the periodic table and compare them.



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