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A doctoral thesis by the student, Anam Hassan Shamran

      A doctoral dissertation in the College of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa researched “The Correspondence of the Senses and its Relationship to the Actions of Speech, The Poetry of Lamenting the Father and the Mother in the Modern Era” by the student (Anam Hassan Shamran) from the Department of Arabic Language.
The thesis aimed at clarifying the communicative (integrative) relationship based on vulnerability and influence between the correspondence of the senses and verbal actions, and the ability of the senses correspondence to change the performative significance of the verbal act as a kind of artistic displacement, which the recipient reaches through both sensory and mental perception, and to clarify that the graphic deviation is in the structure of The verbal act leads to the achievement of an artistic image commensurate with the poet’s visions.
The study concluded that the point of convergence between the poetic lamentation and the achievement of deliberation gave the poet an indirect suggestive way to communicate with the recipient, and that the speech act with its suggestive connotations can move the pictorial flow, and thus form the type of image that the poet wants, as the focus around which the components of the graphic image revolve and that The poetic saying in lamenting the parents and the presence of the statement in the context is a reason for the presence of achievement in the verbal act; Because entering the verbal act into the graphic context has the ability to activate the meaning, and thus poetry is a deliberative act.
The researcher recommended to search for what is new in this field and the possibility of studying the poetry of lamentation for the father and mother in various fields of language and language.

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