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Eloquent Poetry Festival

The Educational and Psychological Counseling Unit, in cooperation with the Department of Arabic Language at the Faculty  of Education for Girls, held a festival for eloquent poetry, with the participation of female students from all departments of the Faculty    , on the occasion of the auspicious birth of the expected Imam (may God be pleased with him).
The festival aims to develop the poetic talents of female students, spread the spirit of positive competition, encourage them to display their poetic productions to the public, strengthen their personalities, and develop the spirit of competition and collective participation among the college departments.
It included reciting poems that sang the love of the country and the family of the Prophet, peace be upon them, especially as we pass the anniversary of the birth of Hujjatullah in the land of the Awaited Imam (may God Almighty hasten his honorable reappearance).
The festival was attended by the assistant dean for scientific and administrative affairs and a number of heads of departments, professors and students.

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