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     TheFaculty of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion entitled (Treatment and beautification of areas affected by burns in humans by using bark powder for the stem of the Sidr plant), which was given by the teacher, Dr. (Salwa Hamza Hussein) from the Department of Life Sciences.
The workshop aimed to study the chemical content of the bark of the stems of the Sidr plant, its classification, its concentrations, and its presence or absence among this type of the Sidr plant, and to study the inhibitory effects of the plant extracts represented by the hot aqueous extract of the plant against some types of bacteria isolated from burn infections and treatment of burns with raw powder of the bark of the stems Sidr and beautify the treated areas of burns with powder.
It concluded that the chemical compounds present in the studied sample could be used as an antibiotic or its entry into the pharmaceutical industry, as it is an effective, non-toxic natural product that has efficacy against microscopic pathogens, and the possibility of using this substance to make an ointment to treat and beautify burn areas in the body at reasonable prices that are inexpensive.


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