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The Department of Physics at the  Faculty of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, in cooperation with the Women’s Empowerment Unit, held a workshop on (the phenomenon of bullying among university students, forms, effects, methods and methods of treatment).
The workshop aimed to introduce the concept of bullying, reduce its phenomenon among university students, and the necessary foundations for its treatment.
During which, Prof. Dr. Mithaq Matar Mahdi delivered a lecture explaining (the concept of the phenomenon of bullying and the forms of its historical development) and a lecture on (university bullying, its provocation and ways to reduce it) delivered by Prof. Wafaa Nassif Jassim, a member of the Women’s Empowerment Unit at the University of Kufa.
The workshop concluded with the importance of educating students about the impact of this negative phenomenon on society in general and university social relations in particular, and limiting and eliminating it.

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