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Symposium entitled Discipline Law

       The Department of Life Sciences at the College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, held its symposium entitled (Student Discipline Law for the first academic year)
The symposium, which was held under the slogan (So that the student is not alienated from his rights and duties), aimed at defining the concept of the student discipline law on campus, especially first-stage students, introducing them to their duties towards others in the university, how to deal with them, and clarifying the penalties that fall on the student in case of violating university laws such as Non-compliance with the uniform, absence, etc. and their academic and non-academic rights.
Prof. Dr. (Sahar Mahmoud Jawad) dealt with the definition of the student discipline law on campus and their duties within it. Assistant Prof. Dr. (Afrah Abd Ali Mahdi) clarified the student’s academic and non-academic rights. And the teacher, Dr. (Salwa Hamza Hussein), concluded the symposium by explaining the penalties imposed on students in the event of non-compliance. Commitment .
He recommended the researchers to hold seminars, workshops, lectures and panel discussions on a regular and continuous basis about the importance of adhering to the laws in order to avoid exposure to alerts and warnings and sometimes expulsion, and to involve students of advanced levels in the seminars that are held related to duties and rights, as well as the penalties that the university student is exposed to.

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