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Workshop on modern technologies

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Kufa held a workshop on (modern techniques in the diagnosis of chemical compounds).
It aimed to give a clear and comprehensive idea of the most prominent diagnostic techniques adopted for the diagnosis of different chemical compounds, and to shed light on some modern laboratory diagnostic techniques and their applied skills in diagnosing various chemical compounds.
During which (Professor Magda Hamid Ebeid) delivered a lecture focusing on the electron microscope technique with a full explanation of how to use it using video clips, taking samples from applied examples of different samples and how to diagnose them using this technique.
And a lecture by (Professor Dr. Afaq Jaber Kazem) that shed light on the principle of infrared spectroscopy technology, with a detailed explanation of the components of the device and how to use it.
And (M. Nour Diaa Jaafar) dealt with the technology used for the purpose of thermal analyzes and touched on its types in detail and the factors affecting it, while taking some laboratory samples as applied examples using this technology.

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