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Scientific symposium on smoking

   The Department of Life Sciences at the  Faculty of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a scientific symposium entitled (Smoking .. Multiple means .. Fatal damage)
The symposium, which was held under the slogan (Smoking is a scourge that eats away at the body of society), aimed at defining the concept of smoking, explaining the methods and materials used, and explaining the danger of passive smoking and the various health effects and diseases it causes.
Lectured by (Professor Dalal Abdel-Hussein Kazem), (Prof. Zainab Jawad Naqi) and (M.Wadad Hashem Yahya) from the Department of Life Sciences
The symposium concluded with several recommendations, including holding more seminars, workshops and panel discussions to raise awareness of its dangers and conducting field visits to schools to inform students, especially adolescents, of the dangers of smoking on health, with state institutions imposing penalties, provisions and financial fines on individuals who use smoking, especially in public places.

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