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Training course

The Faculty  of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a training course entitled (Clarifit, Scopas, accredited magazines and the publishing mechanism).
The course aimed to teach participants how to publish their research on their own and enable them to know fictitious and internationally accredited journals.
Its importance lies in shedding light on the methods of publishing research, distinguishing between profitable and classified journals, and how to ensure that the research is not rejected from the scientific journal.
During which Prof. Dr. (Nagham Mahmoud Al Jamali) gave a lecture in which she focused on how to access magazine links and distinguish between fake and non-fake magazines, and the method of publishing research in Clarivite and Scopus magazines, and (Prof. Dr. Nagham Mahmoud) touched on the types of international magazines and how to choose Journal within the specialty of research.

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