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PhD thesis for student Wafaa Hamid Hassan

I researched a doctoral thesis at the College of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa (Geomorphology and Hydrology of the Northern Jabal Bekhair Basins) submitted by the student
(Wafa Hamid Hassan) from the Department of Geography
The thesis aims to know the geomorphological and hydrological characteristics of the northern basins of Jebel Bekhir and to reveal the variation of their geomorphic processes.

The study concluded that the study area represented by the northern basins of Mount Bikhair is located within the unstable or tortuous pavement of the Arab Nubian surface of the high mountains, and the influence of the morphometric characteristics of the northern basins of the mountain in the current climate, and their occurrence within the semi-arid climate, and the activity of erosion and sedimentation processes due to heavy rains.

The researcher recommended to work on continuous maintenance of the region’s wells by the competent government departments, and to dig new artesian wells for the use of groundwater, and the supervision of the concerned authorities on the quarries and laboratories in the region to invest their wealth in the correct manner that benefits the national economy.

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