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A teacher publishes a scientific book

  Recently, Professor Dr. Abdul Razzaq Shaneen Al-Janabi, a member of the teaching staff in the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences / Faculty of Education for Girls, issued a new scientific publication on
Ethics of the medical, health and nursing professions.
Al-Janabi said that his author, therefore, this author was designed to be a specific and a guide for application and employment in practical life, in addition to being an important source for medical, technical and nursing colleges in the professional ethics course, and that the main objective of teaching this course is for the purpose of raising the level of medical and health services through employment in Practical life. Learning and studying the subject of ethics and its components and advocating for it does not mean merely conveying it to the students as a study subject, but rather to acquire it and be endowed with it, to be part of the behavior of the individual and society.
This book is in (fourteen chapters) with a total of (312) pages that talked about ethical concepts in modern times, multiple philosophies, the medical profession among Muslims and those who preceded them from nations, the ethics of the medical profession, the International Islamic Charter for Medical and Health Ethics, in addition to the ethics of the doctor and his medical responsibility and medical research .

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