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PhD thesis for student Ahmed Nema Thamer

The Faculty of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa discussed a doctoral thesis in Chemistry for the student (Ahmed Nima Thamer) The study titled “Synthesis and characterization of starch-urea nanocrystals and study of corrosion-inhibiting behavior experimentally and theoretically” aimed to develop new, effective, cheap and safe compounds as corrosion inhibitors and to verify the development of starch-urea compound and starch nanocrystals as new effective and safe compounds in 1 mo of dilute hydrochloric acid at different temperatures and concentrations using weight loss and electrochemical methods in order to determine their suitability as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel.
The researcher said, “His thesis concluded that the efficiency of the inhibition process increased with increasing the concentration of the inhibitor, the temperature and the immersion time in the inhibitor solution, and that the starch nanocrystals had a better protective effect compared to the starch-urea compound, and that the adsorption of the inhibitors followed the chemical adsorption and obeyed the isotherm enabled on the one hand.”
On the other hand, the practical results showed that the adsorption activation energy decreased with the loading of the new inhibitors. Moreover, theoretical calculations were applied using density functional theory (DFT). The quantum chemical calculations gave further insight into the inhibition mechanism of the starch-urea complex, and the starch nanocrystals were in agreement with the experimental results obtained through weight loss tests and electrochemical measurement methods.”
The study recommended the inclusion of (the computational study) within the curricula for students of the initial stage of postgraduate studies, especially in the Department of Chemistry, because of its paramount importance in keeping pace with scientific development theoretically and practically and their connection to each other and compounds theoretically according to the properties and effectiveness required before preparing them in practice, in order to save effort, time and money and Using other organic compounds (such as cellulose and chitin) that are available, cheap, environmentally friendly and have wide industrial applications.

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