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Discussion of a master’s thesis by student Rasha Naji

      A master’s thesis was discussed at the Faculty of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa on “Preparation and diagnosis of complexes for some transitional elements derived from galcon-azo and the study of some of their biological applications” by student Rasha Naji Abdul Rasoul from the Department of Chemistry.
The aim of the thesis was to prepare two new amino chalcone derivatives using Claisen-Schmidt condensation, isolate, purify and characterize them using infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and then pair them with one of the imidazole-derived base pairs for the purpose of preparing two new ligands from galcon-azo ligands, isolating them and purifying them in order to coordinate them. A selection of metal ions.
The study concluded that the toxic effect of lycandins prepared in Pd(II) complexes on a range of breast cancer cellular tissues and compared them with healthy cellular tissues with the aim of using them as medicinally in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

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