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    The Faculty  of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion entitled “Purification of water contaminated with urea using the adsorption method on the surfaces of paper waste ash, aluminum silicate and zeolite” by researcher Zina Arif Khalaf from the Department of Chemistry.
It aimed to prepare a new adsorbent material using paper waste, which is considered as a low-cost adsorbent, and to compare its adsorption with other three surfaces, and to calculate the thermodynamic functions of the adsorption process.
With the study of the effectiveness of surfaces in the adsorption of urea and the study of the optimal conditions for the removal process, which are represented by the equilibrium time, the amount of adsorbing surface, temperature and acidity function.
The researcher said that industrial waste water and other polluted water need treatment to make it possible to discharge into rivers or reuse, and that adsorption is important among the ways to remove different pollutants from water, and the effect of the adsorbent concentration was studied and the effect of the acid function in the process of this process was studied. And study the effect of temperature change within the experimental range 20-30 degrees Celsius.
The results showed that adsorption decreases with increasing temperature, meaning that the reaction is exothermic.



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