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      The College of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion on a theoretical and practical study using activated charcoal prepared from Iraqi date kernels for adsorption (Fast Green and Green Malachite) from their aqueous solutions. Researcher Elaf Sobeih Jawad from the Department of Chemistry.
The workshop aimed to remove the dyes of fast green and malachite green) from aqueous solutions using activated charcoal from date kernels, preparing standard solutions from these dyes, and studying the method of adsorption on the active surface prepared from Iraqi date kernels by means of adsorption isotherms.
The results showed that the activated charcoal extracted from the kernels of Iraqi dates is a good adsorbent for removing both fast green and malachite green dyes from their aqueous solutions, even if the dyes concentration is very low by (0.05).


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