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The 8th Annual Festival of Information Technology and Creative Skills

        The Computer Department at the College of Education for Girls held the eighth annual festival for information technology and creative skills.
The festival aims to pay attention to the latest inventions, keep pace with the rapid development in the world of technology, introduce them, develop the cultural and knowledge level in various fields, and push the wheel of education and knowledge in various sciences towards new horizons and modern ways of acquiring knowledge and benefiting from it in different ways and circumstances.
For his part, the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Alaa Naji Al-Mawla, explained during his touring after the opening of the festival the importance of getting acquainted with the latest technological developments and benefiting from the digital revolution on human life from the social, economic and cultural aspects, and stressed the importance of keeping pace with the rapid development in the field of scientific and informational research by expanding the range of knowledge Technology for college students and to see the latest scientific publications and technical devices, thanking and appreciating the efforts made to establish this scientific carnival.
A number of scientific research in the field of computer technology was delivered to a number of students and specialists in the field of software and information.
The Deanship of the College honored the institutions and colleges of the University of Kufa and Imam Sadiq University and the participating companies with certificates of appreciation in appreciation of their efforts in serving the scientific movement and the success of the festival’s work.

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