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A teacher participates in an international conference

Prof. Dr. Zilal Jawad Kazem, a teaching assistant in the Department of Geography in our college, participated in the Fourth International Scientific Conference (Humanities and Transformation Paths), which was organized by the Faculty of Arts, Menoufia University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with a scientific research entitled (Cartographic representation of the reality of primary education services and its future expectations in the Governorate of Babylon for 2019).

Al-Durr aims to produce maps for preparing students, schools, classrooms and buildings in the study area for the year 2019 AD and its future expectations, as well as building a geographical information base for the nature of the educational service at the level of the administrative units of the study area.
The research concluded that the numbers of students, classes, schools and buildings varied among the administrative units within the study area according to the variation in the number and density of the population. With the population distribution, and that most school buildings and for all academic levels are double-shifted, which makes the student/building index give the true picture of the efficiency of schools in terms of their absorptive capacity of students and students. Therefore, the indicator reaches (639) students/building, which is thus far exceeding the standard and finally the population increase according to the forecast This in turn leads to an increase in the number of students and their demands from classes and schools.

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