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A panel discussion on Docker’s technology

The College of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa held a discussion about Docker’s technology, during which researcher A.M. Dargham Ali Al-Hasani learned about Docker’s technology, which is a tool directed at system administrators and developers used in the process of building (Build) and running programs within a specific environment by running the project inside Docker containers Containers), which facilitates the process of transferring the project from one device to another without the need to modify system settings and variables, or install or download certain packages, as only Docker is installed and pre-configured containers run with certain settings that allow the application to run within these containers.
Its importance lies in the fact that it is a tool designed for the benefit of developers and operating system administrators. For developers, this means that they will focus only on writing the code, without worrying about the system that the program will run on, and it allows them to start from one of the thousands of ready-made programs with their offices to create their applications, without having to call the offices again with each project. As for the users, it gives them the flexibility and ability to reduce the systems and resources they need due to the lightness of the software.

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