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Awareness workshop

The English Language Department at the College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, in cooperation with the Bint Al-Rafidain Organization, the Child Protection Team of the Seed Center in Najaf, organized an awareness workshop entitled “Meetings of parents and caregivers and positive education,” during which Ms. Russell Muhammad Amory from the Child Protection Team gave a lecture aimed at raising awareness About what children and youth need for healthy growth and development, strengthening the role of parents in nurturing the positive transition from childhood to adulthood, increasing understanding about protective factors and risk factors that affect youth well-being and development, and raising awareness about the stages of growth and focusing on cognitive, social and emotional growth.
During the workshop, the problems of children and youth were also discussed, as well as the reactions of young people to these problems and difficulties and the ways of coping that they follow to overcome problems and challenges in society.
It was attended by the Dean of the College of Education for Girls, Prof. Alaa Naji Al-Mawla, and a number of professors of the English Language Department and female students.

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