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Apanel discussion on (green chemistry with an environmental flavor)

The Department of Chemistry at the College of Education for Girls organized a panel discussion on (Green Chemistry with an Environmental Bank) delivered by Assistant Professor Dr. Ibtihal Kazem Karim.
During which green chemistry was known, which is the branch of chemistry that is concerned with designing chemical processes and products that are more environmentally friendly, and thus includes the faces and forms of chemical methods that reduce the negative impact on human health and the environment by reducing or stopping the use or production of hazardous substances. It is also a modern branch of chemistry that aims to reduce emissions from other chemical manufacturing processes to the least possible extent. It also aims to invent new chemicals that are beneficial to the environment and chemicals that act as alternatives to other chemicals whose manufacturing processes have negative environmental consequences.
One of the foundations and principles of green chemistry is preventing the formation of waste rather than treating it, and that all materials used in chemical preparations must be consumed and that the preparations be as non-toxic as possible.
Reducing the use of solvents and auxiliary materials as much as possible, in addition to reducing the amounts of energy used.

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