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A teacher participates in a national conference marking the centenary of the twentieth revolution

Prof. Muqdam Abdul-Hasan al-Fayyad, a teacher in the Department of History, College of Education for Girls, participated in the ninth annual conference organized by the General Secretariat of the Kadhimiya Holy Shrine on the occasion of the centenary of the twentieth revolution, whose activities were launched under the slogan (religious reference … multiple roles and unity of the goal of 190-2020) with a scientific research on (Maintaining security and peace in Iraq in light of the vision of the supreme religious authority … Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Haeri al-Shirazi as a model).
Through him Al-Fayyad demonstrated the orientation of the supreme Shiite religious authority towards (preserving peace and security) as one of the main pillars of the Shiite leadership thought, and at the forefront of those great references was Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Haeri al-Shirazi, who is considered a strong supporter of the liberals of Iraq and their national movement.
In its introduction, the study began with an examination of the intellectual foundations governing the directions of the reference, and the jurisprudential principles on which it is based in building its theories, general orientations, and stances towards various events.
The other axis (the peaceful approach of Sheikh Shirazi’s reference in the first phase of the British occupation) focused on the idea that the Haeri al-Shirazi did not limit his work to resisting the British occupier and issue fatwas that it is permissible to fight it, but also sought the supreme strategic goal, which is to prepare for an independent and sovereign state for the new Iraq. Moving on a policy of incremental confrontation and his obsession with preserving peace and security.
As for the final topic, it dealt with the correct pillars that Shirazi had put in place for the confrontation against the British, and examined the method of preparation and gradualness on which to confront the occupier, and then extract it under the title (The Peaceful Approach to Sheikh Shirazi’s Reference in the Second Stage of the British Occupation

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