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A seminar

The title of the seminar
Between the hammer of medicine and the anvil of alternative medicine … Corona will be defeated
Symposium themes
The first axis: the role of medicine in addressing the Corona virus
The second axis: the role of alternative medicine in tackling the Corona virus
Symposium significance
Introducing the dangers of COVID-19 and ways to address them, as the symposium’s axes embodied the dangers of this pandemic and the stress that it left for health and security cadres as well as blocking all economic, sports and other activities. On the severity of this pandemic and how to deal with it
Number of attendees
Symposium paragraphs
The first paragraph: an opening and welcoming speech / speeches. Hussein Ali Al-Khattat – College of Agriculture
The second paragraph: Lecture entitled ((acute respiratory syndrome and its relationship to Covid-19)) / given by Dr. Ammar Abdul-Hussein Mahbouba – Najaf Health Department
The third paragraph: Lecture entitled ((The positive role of antioxidants in the immune system)) / given by Dr. Rawa Hadi Al-Sabry – College of Pharmacy
Fourth Paragraph: A lecture entitled ((Alternative medicine is a vital weapon against Corona and its followers)) / given by Dr. Farqan Yahya Sharba – College of Education for Girls
Fifth Paragraph: Scientific Interventions – Listening to the attendance’s interventions and answering them by the lecturers
The sixth paragraph: the closing speech – delivered by Prof. Jabbar Abadi, Associate Administrative Dean, on behalf of the Honorable Dean

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