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In the College of Education for Girls, a master thesis entitled (Using the NDVI Plant Variation Index in Estimating Drought in Selected Areas of Iraq) was discussed at the College of Education for Girls by student Sherine Mejbel Abu Jassim from the Geography Department.
The study supervised by Professor Dr. Nasreen Awwad Al-Jassani aimed to clarify a number of important objectives, foremost of which is knowledge of the nature of the relationship between climatic characteristics and the phenomenon of drought in terms of the NDVI vegetation index, and the identification of climatic elements and their impact on the phenomenon of drought, and to detect and monitor temporal and spatial changes over the study periods Through the data of the American satellite Landsat 8.7.5, and by using the NDVI (Drought Index)) and applying it in the geographic information systems (GIS) program, and building an accurate geographical information base for those variables, and it is supported by the production of maps showing the changes in vegetation cover (NDVI) in the regions of Iraq. Selected, according to all study periods.
The researcher concluded during her study that the difference index for NDVI plants as a function of measuring the level of drought for selected regions of Iraq, as the level of vegetation cover reflects the level of drought in the study area, meaning that there is an inverse relationship between vegetation cover and drought, so the higher the percentage of vegetation cover, the less drought. This relationship was found and studied by relying on satellite visuals for the duration of the study after it was divided into three climatic minor cycles, which are (1987-1997) (1998-2008) (2009-2019), and the study area was divided into three regions, northern, central and southern for the sake of accuracy. The climatic characteristics of the study area were analyzed in detail during these three sessions, and then the satellite visuals were taken and processed for the years 1997.2008.2019, and they were processed, analyzed, mapped, and their graphic figures analyzed scientifically.

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