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Dean’s word

 In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
     Higher education in Iraq is the philosophy of the industry of mind and the guiding of thought to serve the human and the homeland. Hence, the faculties of education also draw their roots from this particular task, so they take upon themselves the building of a conscious generation that always holds the science roots to light the way for future. The Faculty of Education for Women has privacy embodies the cultural identity of the city’s solid history of the glories and science, the city of Imam Ali ((peace be upon him)), and it is a golden ring within the series of Faculties of the University of Kufa, founded in 1989, and is characterized by the need to meet this social identity and accept females only, it includes ten scientific and humanity departments and they are: Arabic Language Department, the Department of educational and Psychological sciences, History Department, Geography Department, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Chemistry Department, Physics Department, Mathematics Department, Biology Department, and finally Computer Department. Today, it attracts more than 3600 students, and it has more than 500 lecturer and employee. Its scientific talents are considered among the most prominent elites in the field of scientific research and teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorate) from various high scientific degrees, and its departments include dozens of scientific laboratories as well as the halls equipped with the necessary educational means. Here I would like to present the strategy that underlies our management in the leadership of the faculty, which is three strategies:
The first strategy relates to the physical construction: we are working to keep pace with the times in building all that serves the educational process of different infrastructure serving the student and the lecturer and the staff of the middle and the technical alike.
The second strategy concerns scientific excellence: We aim to enhance educational rigor in modernizing the scientific method and keeping pace with the spirit of the times and activating the productive academic lesson which leads to the ways of creativity in the industry of mind and intellect together.
Third strategy relates to the administrative aspect: adopting the industry managers, and reducing the ways of administrative complexity by taking the ways to address the crisis and resolve the contract on the ground, as well as the distribution of powers to take legal and administrative responsibility in decision-making.
Finally, we believe that the ultimate success in leading this ancient scientific institution is the work of everyone and cannot be unique to him and his character. May Allah help us to serve science and its people to serve our great Iraq.
Prof.Dr. Abbas Ali Al-Faham
The Dean