Daily Archives: September 7, 2020

A teacher issues a scientific book on the Prophet’s biography in light of the criticism of Islamic narratives and the response of Orientalist suspicions

Professor Mushtaq Bashir Al-Ghazali, a teacher from the College of Education for Girls, Department of History, published a scientific book entitled (The Biography of the Prophet in Light of Criticism of Islamic Narratives and Response to Orientalist Suspicions). The author aims to initiate the re-study and evaluation of all Islamic …

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A teacher publishes a joint scientific research in an international magazine

Professor Nisreen Awad Al-Jassani, a teacher from the College of Education for Girls, Geography Department, has published a joint scientific paper in the International Scientific Journal (Knowledge E), which is included in the Scopas containers entitled (Urban Characteristics of the Old City and Climatic Adaptation of Fallujah). This research was …

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