Research Team gets patented to produce Plants Resistance through mutations Genetically

Research team Both Dr. Saadoun Abdul Hadi al-Ajil from Department of Biology and student Dr. Zainab Abduljabbar and Dr. Shatha ayed gets patented to produce Plants Resistance through mutations Genetically Aims The study to produce  Plants Resistance and reached researchers to agriculture plant in Soil Salty every four weeks to produce new Plants in glass houses .  

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Two lecturer Publish a Scientific Paper in Journal of Global Pharma Technology

   Prof. Dr. Shawket Kadhim Jawad and Assist. Lecturer Faris Hamid Haider published a research paper in Journal of Global Pharma Technology entitled ((Ammonium System for Separation, Enrichment and Spectral Estimation of Cobalt (II) by Cloud Point Extraction Technique)). The paper  included study the process of separating co (II) and …

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