A research team publishes scientific research in one of the international journals

Experienced professor Dr. Shawkat Kazem Jawad and Assistant Professor Dr. Fatima Abdul Wanas have published a joint scientific paper entitled (Extraction and Estimation of the Double Nickel Ion by Cloud Point Extraction Method in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, which is an international scientific journal within SCOPAS containers. The research …

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A teacher is publishing scientific research on the optical and structural properties of ZrO2 and ZrO2 blotched membranes and prepared by spray method

  Assistant Professor Shawqi Khalaf Muhammad Al-Tadrisi in the Department of Physics, College of Education for Girls, has published a scientific paper in IOP Jornal of Physic, a British journal that is included in Scopas. During the research, the optical, structure and morphological properties of ZrO2 and B: ZrO2 thin …

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Teachers publish joint scientific research in one of the international journals

Prof. Dr. Sahar Al-Husseini and researcher Hoda Mahdi Saeed from the Department of Life Sciences published a scientific paper in the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research from within the containers of Scopas entitled (Molecular investigation of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii with the study of pathological changes in pregnant women in …

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