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Chemistry Department holds its first scientific conference for graduate Students Research

In order to promote the scientific and research situation in the Iraqi universities and to learn about the latest developments in the specialization of chemistry and link the topics of research with the need of the community began in the Favulty of Education for girls call for the establishment of the first scientific conference for Research Students of graduate studies organized under the patronage of the professor Dr. Mohsen Al-Dhaalmi, president of Kufa University and Ashraf, dean of the faculty Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali al-Faham (scientific research between modernity and practice) attended by the Assistant Rector for Scientific Affairs Departments and researchers from postgraduate students. The conference started by reading a recitation of the wise male followed by the national anthem after which the supervisor of the Conference, Prof. Abbas al-Faham, called upon researchers from graduate students to open the door of pure scientific competition to keep abreast of the development in the world, stressing the importance Application of theoretical research in an applied practical manner that addresses the problems of society. During his speech, Al-Fayham also noted the importance of scientific research and its fundamental foundation for the advancement of academic reality to the ranks of the world’s countries, where scientific research is based on economic and social development and prosperity. In the course of the conference, 19 researches were distributed in various disciplines of chemistry and over two sessions of the Rector’s assistant to deliver a scientific research titled (Skills needed for postgraduate students), he pointed out through his research paper the importance of keeping postgraduate professors abreast of advanced transformations through their role To supervise, follow up, review, develop and upgrade all that serves the educational process for the students of graduate studies and to assume the great responsibility that postgraduate studies have in order to achieve the comprehensive development that the community seeks and to frame a number of strategies through which to achieve Knowledge economy concepts. In a related context, the scientific committees formed in the Department of Chemistry discussed the research presented to students participating in the Conference in the specialization of analytical, organic, inorganic, life and physical chemistry and two sessions. The conferences recommended a number of recommendations, through which they indicated the possibility of holding an expanded conference next year with the participation of postgraduate students of Iraqi universities, as well as the importance of integration and cooperation between Iraqi universities in the fields of postgraduate studies and the organization of partnerships between universities at various levels In the construction of academic programs and the interactive use of laboratories, research centers, faculty and others, the Conference also concluded that researchers could be encouraged to a specific graduate strategy in which each group is distinguished and promotes coordination among them in this direction. To achieve the excellence of researchers and enable them to compete.

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