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Symposium Entitled E-Blackmail _ causes _ Processing

In the presence of Prof. Abbas Ali al-Faham, dean of the Faculty of Education for Girls and assistant dean for scientific and administrative Affairs, and a number of professors and guests held the Department of Educational and Psychological sciences in cooperation with the Family Counseling Center in Imam Hussein Holy shrine and the guidance unit in the Faculty and within the activities targeted Which is in the service of society as a result of the electronic development that is happening which affects all the state public and private facilities and the citizen directly a scientific symposium entitled (Electronic Blackmail _ causes _ Treatment) The seminar aimed to identify the concept of electronic blackmail and identify the main causes of extortion and ways Prevention, treatment and clarification of the social and psychological effects of electronic blackmail.
The seminar included three lectures including the psychological causes of electronic blackmail delivered by Prof. Dr. In the name of Fares al-Ghanemi and electronic blackmail by Dr. Asmahan Abbas Younis and advisor rehab Mahdi Saleh and the role of the security and legal institutions in reducing the phenomenon of extortion Lectured by Capt. Mehdi Saleh Mahdi of the National Security Directorate in Najaf Governorate
At the end of the seminar, the lecturers listened to the interventions of the attendees and their questions, read the recommendations and then distribute the certificates to the participants.

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