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Launch of the annual Scout camp for students of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

On the gardens of the Faculty of Education for girls events of the Student Scout camp for the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, which was held under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali al-Faham, dean of the college and in the presence of the Assistant dean for administrative and scientific staff and heads of departments and teachers and wide participation of all sections and College students, the camp aims to develop the ability of students to take advantage of their physical, mental, social and spiritual abilities and prepare them as good and responsible citizens and as active members of their communities, national and global, as well as to equip the participants in the camp with the expertise and skills of Scouting Theoretically and scientifically with the strengthening of the bonds of brotherhood and love between the mobile and the camps of the camp and the development of leadership and dependency among the students and also self-reliance and the creation of suitable conditions to adapt to the life of the camp, for his part, al-Fayham praised the efforts made in the establishment of this camp, which contributes Actively to promote the spirit of cooperation among the students and enhance their scientific, practical and applied capabilities and strengthen the national cohesion among the people within the important segment of the Iraqi society are the university students to be one class and have a role in the progress and prosperity of the country, and the platform of the camp to send messages Solidarity to our security forces on the occasion of the establishment of the Iraqi army and police and a number of events including the morning advancement and morning sports and the preparation of camps and sub-inspections and the ceremony of raising the Iraqi flag and public lectures and free activity and theatrical works to the memory of the martyrs sacrificed for the homeland and sanctities.

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