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Thesis Entitled (Wahhabism Invasions on Iraq 1812 – 1786- Historical Study)

    In the presence of Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Al-Faham, Dean of the Faculty of Education for Girls, and Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs, the student Samah Abbas Jundy from the Department of History, discussed her thesis entitled ((Wahhabism Invasions on Iraq 1786 – 1812 – Historical Study)), the researcher said that her choice for this subject comes due to the absence of the Arab library from a detailed academic study that examines the reasons for the actual attack on Iraq, especially the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala. And also the statement of the causes of the Wahhabi invasions on Iraq, especially after the emergence of the Wahhabi movement in the Arabian Peninsula during the eighteenth century by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab al-Najdi.

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