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Seminar Entitled (The Education of People with Special Needs)

     A seminar was held in the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences entitled ((The Education of People with Special Needs)) by Assist. Prof. Dr. Adnan Abed Al-Khafaji, where he discussed the different societies in their view of people with special needs and their treatment according to the values, customs, traditions and religious and social ideas, some of societies looked at them contemptuously and the other looked compassionate and mercy and a third section accepted this class of society and tried to assimilate them socially. The researcher said UNESCO statistics indicated that the percentage of persons with disabilities in any society ranged from 10% to 12% of the total population, and 80% of the total disabled are Arabs, and the proportion of providing them with the services and care of the organization does not exceed 1% only and Egypt is at the forefront of the Arab countries that paid attention to the care of the disabled.

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