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President of the University of Kufa on an inspection visit

Prof. Yasser Lafta inspected Hassoun Al-Okaili, accompanied by Assistant Professor Dr. Mohsen Al-Abadi, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, College of Education for Girls, and during his visit, he was briefed on the progress of the exam process on the e-learning platforms specified for graduate students.
The visit included an electronic call made by His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Professor Dr. Nabil Sahib Abdel Wahid to see the progress of the exam, the way to answer and the available capabilities to find out the problems, and his Excellency spoke with the members of the exam committee and listen to them, also contacted students and inquired about the exam in all its details.
His Excellency and the President of the University praised the efforts made and the method of following up the exams and the work of the examination committees

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