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The need to draw lessons from the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS) in the performance of our work

Within the series of periodic meetings at the beginning of each academic year, the Dean of the College of Education for Girls met with Prof. Abbas Al-Fahham and the Assistant Dean of Administrative Prof. Dr. Jabbar Al-Ardi. During the meeting, Al-Fahham expressed his gratitude for the efforts exerted to achieve the improvement of the academic institution, pointing to the need to draw lessons and lessons in seriousness, sincerity and perseverance. We live in memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (p) and his immortal biography especially considering the great memory and its lofty goals in practice and its obvious effects. Psychological and emotional in our daily lives .. In the same context dean urged the college to exert more perseverance and perseverance during working hours and support the process of scientific advancement in our college to serve our university and our beloved homeland, stressing the serious tasks and responsibility that It must be adhered to by all affiliates and directors of the divisions and departments and administrative and scientific units and the need to answer administrative books and directives issued by the university and the ministry and institutions associated with other ministries, as well as institutions and civil society organizations to reach the college to the advanced stages that they want to contribute effectively to the construction of this facility. Dynamic and reverse beautiful images of hardworking dedication and sincerity at work. The meeting discussed a number of issues and obstacles that may face faculty members in order to overcome them and solve them, as well as encouraging members to contribute voluntarily to support the Social Solidarity Fund, which is an important step in supporting the segment of its employees and students who can not match the pension conditions with symbolic amounts to confirm support The bonds of cooperation and harmony between the staff of the college, especially those with (daily wages), which constitutes an incentive in their work and continuity
The meeting concluded by thanking the members of the college, Mr. Dean and the Assistant Dean for giving way in discussing the obstacles and problems and adopting the principle of honesty and frankness in saying and dealing between the administration and its employees so that the academic institution can promote the highest values ​​and contribute to achieving the principle of high quality and comprehensive quality in all its scientific joints. And administrative.

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