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The College of Education for Girls commemorates the Husseinieh Revolution

With the advent of the month of Muharram month (the victory of the blood on the sword) a wound rages from the surgeries of human history renews the memory of believers every year, invoking the ideas and high values ​​for which Imam Hussein was martyred, whose revolution is still a civilized and historical legacy of all humanity inspired by the values ​​of change and reform The methodology and behavioral clear and challenge to injustice and injustice and the world remained inspired by lessons and lessons that called for the advancement of intellectual and scientific and was able to settle human thought and contribute to man-made and the survival of the eternal right in its brightness. From these visions and perspectives, the Deanship of the College of Education for Girls represented by Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Al-Fahham and the professors and staff of the College of Kufa University with the sons of the province participated in a procession of condolence to the holy top threshold attended by the President and his assistants and a number of deans of faculties, professors and employees of the university The participation of the University of Kufa and its colleges in consolation ceremonies every year is part of the contribution of all occasions of interest to the community, whether religious, literary or scientific, and its emphasis on deepening the spiritual awareness, which embodies the meanings of altruism of the revolution Husseinieh Al-Faham pointed out during his speech in the Alaoui al-Muttahhar that the utmost efforts should be exerted in order to reflect the image of the whole world and to define the whole world. The revolution of Imam Hussein (P) is the greatest trust in which the Islamic nation has been tested, so it preserved the victims until passed on from generations to yesterday and handed over to this generation. Imam Hussein is the identity of an entire nation and an identity belonging to an established and renewed dialectical doctrine renewed over centuries through the belonging that achieved the infinite conflict which leads J, to the continuation of this doctrine is that once it was faded by the cruelty of rulers or the violence of regimes and the return of advocates of the Umayyad vision at other times in other times until the rebirth of the ray of the essence of the presence of Hussein, Hussein’s vision of life and philosophy based on the revolution continued to bear the banner of freedom and rejection of slavery and developmentism, an explicit expression of rejection As long as the memory of Imam Hussein remained in the hearts of millions of Muslims across the decades and decades, and the conflict remains between the vessels of jumping, and the silent moment of sadness in the nation was born to bow kneeling and obey the idols in all its forms. The Husseini procession concluded with the word of the President of the University of Kufa, in which he stressed that ((The Hussein revolution)) (p) was not unilateral, neither in the sense nor in the building, since its meaning derives from the divine message and its divine teachings, it is carrying the meanings of human values ​​combined in the true religion of Islam .

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